Preparing For Your Baby's Birth

Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation (One-to-One)

A one-to-one course is ideal because it can be bespoke – created by you and I together to ensure all the topics you are most interested in, and which are most relevant to you and your partner’s needs are covered.

Typically, women or parents who are expecting their first baby with no prior birth preparation, will require two 2 hours sessions. Women who have prior knowledge usually manage with a one 2 hour session.

New Mothers

Below is a suggested two session course which covers all the main topics for birth and when you first take your baby home. This suggested list is to help you get started on your own list.

Session 1

The first session covers all you need to know about labour and birth – individualised to your own needs and plans for birth whether you are planning a drug-free natural labour, a “see how it goes on the day labour” or a planned caesarean section.

  • How your body works in labour – how babies are born
  • Natural labour and birth explained
  • Pain relief options
  • How to help yourself to a natural and labour and birth – optimal positions in labour, relaxation, active birth, birthing pool, massage, alternative pain relief options including TENS.
  • How partners can be a part of labour
  • When things don’t go as planned – induction of labour, long labours, forceps and vacuum birth and caesarean section

Session 2

  • Feeding – breast feeding, expressing milk, using bottles and use of baby feeding equipment
  • Taking your baby home and what to expect of your newborn: handling, comforting, dressing, bathing, safe sleeping guidelines, routines…
  • Post birth recovery of mum – exercises that help, emotional and physical recovery

Experienced Mothers

Women who are expecting their second or further babies will often benefit from a session with me to discuss previous birth experience and how this birth can be just as good or better than last time.