Boosting Breastfeeding Rates Saves Lives and Money

Breastfeeding Saves Lives and Money

Unicef recently reported that Britain has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in Western Europe.

Quite a staggering statistic you may think, however the practicalities of breastfeeding your baby can be a little daunting in a country where few of us have significant help in the home (if any) and often do not  live near relatives that can help.  Add to that the insecurities that first time mothers often feel about breastfeeding.  Asking friends and relatives for help and advice may be useful, but there is nothing like hands-on practical advice from an expert in those first few weeks after giving birth, to allay fears and yield great success at breastfeeding. Often one visit from a midwife who gives you her full focus for an hour, whilst you share all your hopes, fears, tears and struggles, is enough to renew your enthusiasm and confidence to continue your new role as a breastfeeding mum.

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