Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Visits – What To Expect

This ideally takes place in your home as you and your baby are most relaxed in the environment where the majority of breastfeeds take place. It is the most practical location too when you have just given birth.

Visits can be arranged on an ad hoc basis or booked in advance of your birth. You may only need one or two visits to give you the confidence you need to continue breastfeeding.

A typical first visit will start by you telling me how breastfeeding has been going so far and what how you would like it to be going – your goal. The good and not so good parts and what in particular may be bothering you.  If your baby has just been born, it helps if you can recount details of your pregnancy and birth.

I would ideally like to see you feeding your baby, so that I can make helpful suggestions based on your style of feeding.  I am not there to judge – but to improve or fine tune your technique.

I will examine both you and your baby to ensure that you are both physically well and that nothing is impeding breastfeeding.

I can help with Common Breastfeeding Problems such as:

Breast engorgement, poor milk supply, sore nipples, difficulty latching (baby not sucking well), how to hand express and pump milk, diagnosing tongue tie and where to get help, mastitis . . . .

I will email you details of our consultation together to help you remember and implement my advice.